Presto the Magician
Presto the Magician
Presto the Comedy Magician - will delight your guests with his amazing feats of comedy magic & illusion for both kids & adults!  Presto the Comedy Magician has been performing magic for 30 years and was also the former Corporate Ronald McDonald Magic Clown for McDonald's full time for many years and in that time performed more than 3,000 school safety magic shows as Ronald McDonald. Presto the Comedy Magician's magic show includes juggling with lots of  fun comedy and audience participation with the kids and adults. Presto the Comedy Magician is very reasonably priced for his show backed by 30 years experience and talent that you will receive. Give Presto a call at (602) 275-3701 or visit his website at

Unbelievable show! Mind blowing tricks, the entire audience was mesmerized the entire time. Sometimes people forgot to clap at the end of a trick because we were just stunned. Outstanding talent, plus a lot of heart too. Great for anyone!

Sally S

"Presto The Comedy Magician" did a magic show for our kids at school, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. It lasted for about 30 or 40 minutes and it was such a hit! Everyone was amazed at his tricks....they just couldn't get enough. They kept asking him "How do you do that?"

He just captivated the whole audience with his "magic" and the adults enjoyed it equally as much as the kids. We were very lucky to have had such great entertainment from
"Presto the Magician." He really did a great job!
Thanks so much,

Palomino Elementary

Presto performed for my husband's 60th birthday party and did a wonderful job. He included the audience in his show, and made the show for all ages. My husband said it was the best birthday party he ever had, and the magician was the best! My guests really enjoyed the show and thought it was the best birthday party they have ever been to, thanks to Presto!

Phoenix AZ

The kids loved the show, were mesmerized and had a fantastic time. Presto also managed to engage the adults really well, and everyone had a fun and entertaining afternoon. The show was very well balanced between comedy and magic. I would definitely hire Presto again and highly recommend him.

Thanks, Gloria
Phoenix AZ

Presto the Comedy Magician is fantastic! We hired him for our sons 7th birthday. Not only did he brave some seriously awful weather but he was absolutely the highlight of the party. He held the attention of 16 kids ages 4-9 for over an hour. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Thank you so much Presto!!!

Kelli V.
San Tan Valley AZ

We hired Presto the Comedy Magician for our preschool. He made every single child so happy!!! Of course the children were mesmerized with his magic, along with all the teachers. We laughed the entire time. The children all went home with such smiles on their faces, talking to their parents about all the magic that they saw, especially his wallet trick. I, as the director, was very pleased with the out come that we will hire him every year in the summer!

Olga M.
Magellan Academies

Dear Presto the Comedy Magician,
Thank you so much for your help during our 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' event. It was a pleasure to have you here at the Arizona Science Center.

Krystal D.
Arizona Science Center

We hired Presto the Comedy Magician for our family Christmas party in my back yard. He MADE the party!!! Of course the children were mesmerized with his magic, but the adults were too because of his wicked sense of humor. We laughed and ooohhhhed the whole show. His magic was just unbelievable and we still talk about it, especially his wallet trick. This will be a yearly tradition at our Christmas party. His show would be a fabulous addition to birthday parties, corporate functions, family get togethers, etc. Can't wait to book him again.

Pat F.
Phoenix AZ

We hired Presto the Comedy Magician for our annual Christmas Party this year. Everyone was impressed by his magic and juggling, including our dog. The kids were trying to figure out how he did all the magic. Presto's comedy and his ability to play to the crowd made the show fun for the kids and adults alike. Thank you, Presto, for making our party memorable. If you're looking for something fun and entertaining for your next party or event, I highly recommend Presto the Magician.

Bob S.
Phoenix AZ

We really enjoyed Presto the Comedy Magician's show for my son's 10th Birthday Party. The kids loved him! He joked around with them and had them laughing the whole time. His magic tricks had them guessing and asking, "How did you do that?" The adults were entertained just as much as the kids. We would definitely recommend Presto the Magician for Birthday Parties, or any special occasion.

Gary B.
Phoenix AZ

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